Simplicity of a Great Song


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In section 4, Jacob Sooter joins Seth to discuss the simplicity of a great song and how to write songs that are meant to be lead from the stage.

What would it look like to have a few anthems for your church to sing, based on a testimony of what God is doing in and through your local community? With this incredible opportunity, you’ll get to learn from one of the best.  Seth Mosely and his team will teach on ways to craft great songs for your church. From lyrics to chord structure, and everything in between, this class will cover the entire songwriting process for those who want to start writing for worship. This would be a great class to have your entire worship team, as you begin to create a worship-writing community at your Church.

  • Module 1 – Philosophy on Songwriting
  • Module 2 – Formula for a Hit Song
  • Module 3 – Copyrighting Your Songs
  • Module 4 (Current Video)
  • Module 5 – Worship Music from a Prophetic Place
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